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Dietary Carb Blocker, Dietrine is regarded as a 100% safe and stimulant-free natural product. The product has research-supported botanical ingredients used. Dietrine Carb Blocker contains 100% Genuine Phase 2® Brand Starch Neutralizer produced by Pharmachem Laboratories.

Phase 2® is an amazing, non-stimulant, all-natural nutritional ingredient which is derived from the white kidney bean. Dietrine is a new, highly concentrated standardized extract made from a specific fraction of special-sized Great Northern white kidney bean through proprietary processes. 

Phase 2® helps to neutralize the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it starts converting starch into glucose and then to fat. Phase 2® allows the carbohydrates to pass through the system with a lower calorie intake. Dietrine also contains Chromium that supports normal blood sugar and is a fat transporter.

Chromium helps in regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Another ingredient Vanadium is a trace element that is necessary for the cellular metabolism and for the formation of bones and teeth. 

Dietrine Carb Blocker with Phase 2® is the first natural ingredients that meet the high standards of excellence through clinical research. It has proved clinical efficacy through several recent U.S university based human studies. It has been demonstrated safety through LD50 studies, the gold standard test for acute and chronic toxicity.

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You will be automatically signed up to get free lifetime membership access to the results-based online fitness program. Online fitness program is exclusively for Dietrine members and is not available for general public.

You can find customized exercise programs, diet plans, fitness tracking systems and much more. This program provides you a fast and effective weight management system. Dietrine neutralizes digestive enzyme, alpha amylase and may temporarily reduce the caloric impact of starch rich foods.

According to recent study, the patients who took Phase 2® brand bean extract lost about half pound per week on average or better than 200% more than those on placebo. Patients who took starch neutralizer also lost an average of 1.5 inches around their waists or 4.3% more than those on placebo.

Dietrine has no side effects and in weight loss study the participants reported “good tolerability”. The efficiency of Dietrine is at dosage levels between 500 mgs and 1500 mgs and should be taken before eating starchy meals. You should take one capsule twice a day five minutes before a meal. 

While taking Dietrine, you don’t have to change your diet. You can eat the foods you love but it does not mean that you can eat all the carbs and fats. You can reach your weight goal with a consistent, safe, healthy weight control program, a sensible, balanced diet and exercise. For taking Dietrine there is no need of a prescription as it is sold as a nutritional supplement. 

Phase 2® is clinically proved several times and has shown weight loss in human. Phase 2® will reduce the amount of starch calories absorbed by our body and thereby allowing us to enjoy a healthy diet without gaining weight or to lose weight.

Individuals may experience different result based on the body type, eating habits and lifestyle. Dietrine offers 90 days money back guarantee.

What Is Dietrine?

Dietrine is basically a carbohydrate blocker and this property also helps to reduce your body weight. Therefore, it is sold as non-prescription weight loss pills. This weight loss supplement is synthesized in clinically approved labs. The manufacturer has incorporated the latest concept of carbohydrate blockage in nutritional supplements through finest natural ingredients; the Company is committed to provide their consumer with supreme and optimum quality nutritional formulas.

The product works on the principles of carbohydrate blocking. It means the ingredients in the product do not let carbohydrates to absorb in the circulation which results in less fat storage. This product also works to reduce the carb cravings. The product is safe and produces no side effects to the consumer.

Here's How You Can Benefit From The Dietrine?

Dietrine is manufactured in a clinically authorized lab. This is a completely safe weight loss product containing harmless natural ingredients. These ingredients are formulated and dispensed as oral pills. These pills are easily swallowed to prevent the carbohydrate absorption. Dietrine Carb Blocker is composed of Phase 2®, ‘an all-natural nutritional ingredient’ extracted from white kidney beans. This ingredient “neutralizes” digestive enzyme alpha amylase which prevents the conversion of starch into glucose. Thus, carbs are not absorbed in your body. Phase 2 is a starch blocker and its effect results in overall less caloric intake. The whole mechanism sums up to produce:
• Appetite suppression and considerable weight loss.
• Faster metabolism rate with a sustained stamina level

Is It Safe? Is It A Scam?

Dietrine Carb Blocker is safe and effective. Dietrine Carb Blocker contains 100% natural ingredients with no potential side effects. No interactions have been reported with any other ingredients. Unlike other products, Dietrine does not contain any harmful stimulants. This means no toxic substance is entering your blood stream to put your health at risk. This non-prescription supplement is clinically approved and the customer reviews have not stated any negative comment about the product. The active Phase 2 ingredient doesn’t block all of the carb absorption; in fact the ingredient works to block good amount of sugar which reduces the calorie consumption and accumulation to help you quickly lose weight.

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Here's How Dietrine Work?

The Carbohydrate absorption results in excess fat accumulation, when you have a meal, the contents passes through the digestive system and gets absorbed in your circulation. One such process converts carbohydrates molecule into glucose or sugar. The breakdown is accelerated through an enzyme called alpha amylase; Sugar is then further metabolized through physical activities while non-metabolized molecules remain in the body and are stored as accumulated fat giving excess weight to the body.

Dietrine contain Phase 2 ingredient, derived from white kidney beans and this ingredient has the potency to neutralize alpha amylase enzyme, thus prevents it to convert carbohydrates into sugar. Now you don’t have to compromise on carbohydrate intake as no extra fat is accumulated or stored in your body. Fewer calories are consumed without making you weak. Dietrine can block considerable amount of starch absorption (approx 65% to 75%). It means a single Dietrine pill can prevent a good quantity of calories to get consumed or stored. It is estimated that, one pill can prevent more than 1,125 calories consumption.

The Advantages of Dietrine:

  • The product is free from harmful additives or stimulants. The chief ingredient, Phase 2 is made from natural white kidney beans and it possesses the most effective carbohydrate blocking property.

  • The company delivers free gifts with each order.

  • The website is very informative and customer friendly.

  • The product offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

  • Till now, no complains or unsatisfied customer reviews have been published.

The Disadvantages Of Dietrine

  • The ‘2 free bottles’ offer is misleading (it is valid for a minimum purchase of 4 bottles).

  • The product does not contain any fat burning or anti-oxidant ingredient for direct weight loss effect.

  • The testimonials are insufficient to get the real idea about the product and its efficacy.

Dietrine purchase is safe as the company is ready to accept any unused and unopened item within Ninety (90) days of the purchase. All items must be returned in its original packing in order to receive a refund. This 90-day money back guarantee has made the product completely reliable. The refund policy is authentic but the user has to return the product within 90 days right from the date of purchase.

Our Conclusion

Dietrine weight loss supplement couldn’t be ranked as a comprehensive plan for weight loss management. It only counts for its carbohydrate blockage activity and does not show any fat burning or metabolism boosting effect therefore this product is not highly recommended in the weight loss genre. The price it offers lies in an average range that is around $41 for a month. The company however offers meaningful discounts on bulk orders but still it is not regarded as a comprehensive solution, but for those who are concerned with their carb intake and want to shed pounds by blocking starch absorption this product is the right choice for its exclusive Phase 2 ingredient’s carb blocking effect.

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Our research on reliable sources revealed clients who use their product were satisfied. Their customer support were excellent. Overall, the Dietrine System is a good weight loss systems that has all the necessary components needed for accomplishing your weight loss goals. 

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