Analysis of Healthy Weight Loss Components


Being overweight is a major problem in the modern world. The people are looking for solutions which results in immediate reduction in weight. Healthy weight loss programs, in contrast, are those which produce a gradual and more permanent result. The weight loss is achieved by a combination of balanced dieting, exercise and, in some cases, natural weight loss supplements.

Balanced dieting:

Fast weight loss plans with dieting are normally counterproductive. The plan, if not done properly, will lead to weight cycling and diet shock which ultimately results in weight gain rather than weight loss.

The way to go is the balanced diet rather than a weight loss diet as a part of healthy weight loss plan. The principle is to burn more calories than what is consumed. One should try to eat low density foods which can be taken in large portions without adding too many calories.

The foods such as vegetables and fruits normally contain large amount of water and fiber. One should ideally aim at a loss of 2-4 pounds per week and about 12 pounds per month.

Good eating habits help you in preserving a balanced diet. Practices like eating only when you are hungry, taking small servings and eating without distractions will contribute to the success of a good diet plan. It also helps to have the right support and encouragement from the family and friends.

After a few weeks of the diet plan, the quantum of weight loss reaches a plateau since body gets adjusted to the new food plan. An increased physical activity is required to lose more weight at this stage.

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Healthy weight loss programs involve a fair amount of physical activity. Increase in physical activity raises the metabolism rate which helps in burning more calories in the body. While each one has to choose their own best exercise regime, a few principles remain common for all.

There are various exercises like walking, swimming and aerobics which can be adopted by most of the people. The important thing is to do the exercise regularly to the extent what one can do. Adding resistance training to the exercises will boost the ultimate performance of these work outs. Resistance training is a method by which you add resistance to a muscle while doing an exercise.

Resistance training includes bending and picking something while walking or carrying weights while stretching. Since one has to overcome the extra resistance for completing the task, it helps in getting the better results out of the exercises.

Natural weight loss supplements:

Natural weight loss supplements are herbal components like Triphala, Green Tea, Ginger and Aloe Vera which form part of healthy weight loss plan. They facilitate the weight loss by increasing the metabolism rate and controlling the appetite. Some of them aid in creating a healthy digestive system by controlling intestinal inflammation and helping the removal of toxic materials.


The healthy weight loss program should be a continuous activity leading to life style changes to get the best results. Otherwise it is only a matter of time before the weight is gained back. The plan is to be adapted and tuned for each individual. One has to see what works for him or her and make the changes accordingly. There is no plan which works for all.

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