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The over consumption of fat and calories by individuals has lead to the major worldwide problem called Obesity. The sedentary lifestyle of many has left the number of obese accelerating and rising.

The side effects of overeating seem miniscule at the earliest and hence have been ignored by many over the disastrous later implications.

Obesity is a major factor in the incidence of cardio vascular diseases like hypertension, stroke, and ischaemic heart disease. 

Other conditions like degenerative arthritis, non-insulin dependent diabetes, sleep apnea and gastro intestinal conditions have obesity as a factor too. Wellness advice that advocate giving up on oily food and mass culinary favorites receive few takers.

Weight loss clinics are the result of efforts by specialized health care professionals who acknowledge obesity as a major factor of mortality.

These clinics adopt stringent scientific evidence based practices in the fight against obesity. They seem to adopt customized individual oriented treatment plan for their obese patients with a time plan.

Every individual enrolled at the weight loss clinic undergoes a complete clinical body evaluation and energy metabolism study before arriving at a definite treatment plan.

They study the inter relationship between obesity and inherent metabolic disturbances with technical details. Certain obesity case studies involve the endocrinology factor of the patients.

These weight loss clinics also address the psychology of obesity inclusive of weight loss and weight regain. They have multifaceted treatment options with dietary restrictions, moderate calorie diets, very low calorie diets and so on.

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They generally possess state of the art knowledge in nutrition, exercise, behavior and stress management to acquire best results. 

These weight loss clinics also have alternate therapies for special individuals who have faced poor results with regular general techniques.

These include surgery and pharmacological interventions in combination or alone according to the individual’s needs. In addition they also promote programs for long tem maintenance of weight.

Obesity has negative social, psychological effects and hence high priority on prevention of relapse of individuals after their successful treatment is available.

A multidisciplinary approach seems to be the need of the hour against obesity and these weight loss clinics offer the exact same thing.

They also seem to have a collective advantage over individual physicians, dietitians, exercise physiologists with their single window approach.

Weight loss clinics have a huge evidence based laboratory result database, tests and weight loss protocols to enhance their expertise on. They own the latest technical equipments for biometric measurements and assessments.

A statistical evaluation of the acquired data of every individual plays a vital role in prognosis and treatment planning. As obesity is a serious and complicated health issue such high-end wellness measures are warranted.

They also offer seminars and lectures towards obesity for awareness among the general public. These weight loss clinics guarantee safety, standard care and good implementation of all measures in the fight against obesity to its patients.

Many patients enrolled in a weight loss clinic have achieved success and recommended fitness levels with their practical guidelines.

Weight loss clinics from a concept have grown into a phenomenon tackling obesity for all and providing the much needed multi disciplinary approach to a dreaded condition.

As obesity is known to be a silent killer and ignored by most, the future seems to hold many more wellness oriented concepts in medicine and healthcare.

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