Loose Inches In Days: The Best Methods For Fast Weight Loss

Most people would dream of loosing weight in days but if you really want to loose inches quickly a lot needs to be taken care of. Two things are really important for fast weight loss, first is a healthy diet and the second is a perfect workout. A combination of the above two can give you magical weight loss results.

Diet: A nutritional and fat free diet will accelerate your weight loss by leaps and bounds. It is a quick and safest remedy for fast weight loss. Fruits and vegetables rich in vital vitamins, fibers and antioxidants are a must in one’s diet if he/she wishes to lose weight quickly. They are heavy and hence tend to fill the stomach quickly and this consequently allows you to eat less but still feel full.

Decreasing the quantity of food you eat:

Decreasing the quantity of food you eat at your meals and in turn increasing the frequency of the meals is also a very good way for fast weight loss. It helps keep the calorie input balanced throughout and also keeps the blood glucose levels down allowing the body to maintain a high metabolic rate. So instead of eating three big meals it is advisable to take 5 to 6 small meals.

Eating fresh foods and avoiding packaged or processed food is also must for fast weight loss. Also, fast foods containing high amounts of fat and sodium should be done away with as they reduce the body metabolism making you fat.

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Drinking eight to ten glasses of fresh water daily keeps the digestive track clean and hence causes fast weight loss. One should never try to be over restrictive as eating the food of your choice once in a while will keep your spirits high and allow you to continue with your weight loss diets for a longer span.


You really don’t need to go to a gym daily for 2 or 3 hours for fast weight loss. Doing simple workouts even at home but regularly will be just enough to loose weight quickly. Walking is the simplest and by far the best way to loose weight. It simulates the metabolic rate drastically and tones a number of body muscles. A 45minute walk is just about enough to initiate weight loss.

Climbing stairs in place of taking a ride of the elevator will make you sweat and cut of the extra fat. It is quite similar to cardio workouts which are also very useful for fast weight loss. If you have a stepper or a treadmill at home use it for thirty minutes daily for excellent weight loss results.

If you want to loose weight even more quickly and want some real sweating workouts then there can be nothing better than jogging and cycling for about an hour daily. Squats and lunges can also give wonderful results for fast weight loss. If you have some problems doing squats and lunges then you can start with some gentle stretching exercises to warm up. They will simultaneously help to lose weight.

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