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The latest statistics on obesity are out again and they seem all too familiar like every other year.

Every 8 out of 10 individuals over the age of 25 are overweight and the rise in obesity related diseases are on an all time high. Many developed nations seem stuck deep in the Obesogenic phase of its population.

As an offshoot phenomenon to handle the crisis would be the increasing number of weight loss camps. Adult weight loss camps seem to have evolved from the old children’s summer camp experience around the 80’s.

They have grown popular with time with the increase in obesity over all age groups. Most weight loss camps feature a low calorie diet and fitness or exercise routine.

These weight loss camps are also named as fat farm, fat camps and weight loss boot camp programs.

Some of these camps have also revised new workshops that seek to handle issues like; primary behavioral and emotional struggles, body image and body acceptance issues.

As it is known that these factors play a vital role in establishing healthy eating patterns for the long term. There has been an increased focus from short-term quick solutions to establishing a critical change in lifestyle of the concerned individual.

Its been observed that short term approach to obesity has been disappointing with the participant in such high intensity boot camps going stressed and rather quickly gaining weight after the end of the boot program.

The science of obesity is complex played up by various factors such as physical, emotional triggers, time factors, burnout and so on.

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The best approach to childhood obesity is said to be weight loss camps specially targeted and designed for children with an inclusive program that would invite the active participation of the family in this regard 

The participation of the family would relieve the stress off the child making the camp experience a pleasant one without stigma. To acquire new behavioral patterns and habits, activities like sports, recreation, clinical programs are offered.

Cognitive behavioral therapy works as the basic component of these clinical programs. These proven weight-loss camps do provide follow-up or after-care programs, checking in with participants and their families. 

At the end of the camp the family is brought in to accentuate the anticipated long-term lifestyle changes and individual habits.

An ideal time span for a weight loss camp would be around 6 months, as they seem more successful in incorporating a healthier lifestyle with time.

Frequent weighing of the individual should not be the norm and certainly doesn’t seem effective on those off the program with no progress.

There are a few factors to probe over before you enroll for an adult weight loss camp. You should be aware of the primary policy that works around the program.

The program’s policy should be to offer activities that would promote healthier lifestyle options rather than quick fix aids for weight loss.

The weight loss camp’s activities should work towards achieving the desired results you crave rather than poor functionality.

The weight loss camp should have core professionals like qualified counselors, dieticians, exercise physiologists, nutrition experts and psychologists in its workforce.

They should positively have a facility to advocate on lifestyle and eating practices. It would be appropriate if they offer after care programs of the required duration for best results to have the way to a healthier life.

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