Weight Loss Programs For Celebrity Moms

Weight gain is a natural and a healthy process in pregnancy, but most of the women find it difficult to get back to their original shape after the delivery. As a matter of fact, they cannot get into a strict diet regime nor they can join weight loss programs that have serious workouts. So how do pregnant ladies lose weight post pregnancy?

Before discussing on the weight loss issues, it is important to remind you that weight gain during pregnancy is a slow process and so will the weight loss be. However, celebrities manage to lose weight within a short span of time. How do they do it? Let us find out some weight loss secrets of celebrities after they have delivered a baby.

Highly Ambitious

One of the major aspects of a celebrity mom to join strict weight loss programs is the ambition. It takes incredible amount of ambition to get back that sexy body. Don’t you think, celebrity moms have all that ambition? 

Celebrities rely on their image to stay successful and famous. It is crucial for the celebrity moms to get rid of those extra calories they have gained during pregnancy.

Exercises and dieting are the best ways to reduce weight. Celebrities have personal trainers who take care of their body. These trainers are best in the industry and may be very expensive. However, spending money on trainers is never an issue for celebrities when it comes to their body and overall looks. 

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Every woman has a different body and weight loss programs may work differently for an individual. Some celebrities have to spend hours in the gym whereas some lose weight without much of workout. Similarly, in case of dieting some moms may just have to do a normal dieting and some may have to go for specific diet. 

Diets being one of the major aspects of weight loss, celebrities spend a lot in food that they eat. They also have the money to hire a chef who can make food which will promote weight loss. A large variety of diets are available for weight loss and you can choose the one which suits your body. 


Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera and Naomi Watts believe that breastfeeding is one of the easiest ways to shed off some extra calories along with exercise and dieting. Breastfeeding can help a woman to lose 500-600 calories in day. In fact mothers tend to lose maximum when the babies are of three to six months of age. Weight loss programs yield good results when the celebrities combine breastfeeding with exercise and dieting.

Quite a lot of celebrities try maintaining their weight during their pregnancy itself and look out for weight loss programs that fit in their routine. 

For example – “Dancing with the Stars” host Samantha Harris always took stairs during her first trimester. She always used a heart-rate monitor to make sure that she never goes over 130 beats per minute. All this was always done with doctor’s guidance. Nicole Kidman was also spotted visiting a gym in California. 

One thing is for sure that celebrities have a support system for their babies like nannies and other staff to take care of household stuff so that they can concentrate on weight loss programs. If you have the money and motivation to lose weight like the celebrities, you can start over immediately.

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