Use Your Metabolism to Achieve Fat Loss

If you're already overweight, you certainly cannot continue with your current lifestyle. Reducing your calorie intake everyday can be highly beneficial to achieving fat loss. Another effective way to get rid of excess fat is through increasing your metabolism. 

Have you ever wondered how your friend can seemingly inhale pizza and never gain a pound while you need to watch every cracker you take? Well, the answer likes in their fast metabolism. Although your metabolism may never be as fast as theirs, there are certainly ways for you to take advantage of this fat loss method. 

What is Metabolism? 

In order to use your metabolism for fat loss, you should first know what it is. Quite simple, metabolism is the process wherein your body breaks down the carbohydrate, the protein, and the fats from the food you ingest. But more than that, it converts the food into energy.

How fast the process goes will depend on a variety of factors including your calorie consumption, your physical activities, and your genetic makeup. 

So what can you do to take advantage of this fat loss method? There's basically nothing you can do about genes. The best way to increase body metabolism through fat loss is to play with your calorie consumption, physical activities, and your body's requirement for energy. 

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Using Metabolism for Fat Loss 

The previous paragraphs enabled us to understand that the body burns calories from carbs, protein, and fat. Everyone wish that the body would burn the fat from a single source though: the fat. However, it is not possible to do that because the body isn't wasteful so it will use the fat when more energy is required. One such period is during exercising; but of course, you cannot exercise if you're behind the desk all day.

You should realize that the body requires energy during other times as well. For example, the first hour or two after workout, the body goes through the "afterburn" state. This state can last for 24 hours depending on the type of exercise you did and its intensity. Likewise, strength training uses energy because it needs energy to repair tear in the muscle. 

Tips for Easy Fat Loss 

Being muscular or having sufficient muscle mass also boost the body's energy requirement. It is estimated that a pound of muscle will burn as much as an extra 50 calories a day to maintain itself. Putting on around even just five pounds can rev up your fat loss metabolism. 

Get enough rest – not getting enough sleep can change your metabolism for the worse. Lack of sleep will also decrease your metabolic rate while resting. Take note that around 60-75% of total fat loss metabolism occurs during rest so lack of sufficient sleep can pose a threat to fat loss.

Eat often but eat right – eating every two to three hours will stimulate the body's fat loss metabolism. It feeds on the muscle while starving the fat because you are reassuring the body that food is plentiful. However, you should not much on just anything; it is important to be cautious about what you're taking into your body. That way, you will not only experience fat loss, you will become healthier too.

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