Weight Loss After Pregnancy- A Program To Get Back To Your Original Shape

During pregnancy it is quite obvious that you tend to put on weight. Though the process is slow and steady as the growth of baby, but it is definite that you gain lot of weight.

Gaining weight is natural but then losing weight becomes tough after the delivery. Many of us want to get back to our original shape after the baby is born. 

Weight loss after pregnancy is of major concern to women who have gained lot of extra weight. The process of losing weight is equally slow and steady when you put yourself to diet plans and exercise.

Until and unless you exercise or any weight loss program taken in a rigorous manner, the process is slow but always safe. Just follow some simple guidelines by instructors and gym experts you can get back to your original shape.

For weight loss after pregnancy, you must consult the doctor or the gynecologist who assisted you for the delivery of the child. Your previous doctor would have all the details of your body structure and resistance power. 

Breastfeeding helps you to reduce weight as during pregnancy you put on weight to feed the baby on a later stage. The more calories you shed in terms of feeding the more is the chance to reduce your weight in a faster rate.

It is a natural way of losing weight and the safest way of weight loss after pregnancy. One of the most important and best ways of weight loss after pregnancy is following exercise regime.

Ladies with normal delivery can start after six weeks but ladies with caesarian should start after eight weeks or ever ten weeks. The exercises should be very mild in terms of exertion. You should either walk or go for yoga at the initial stage. 

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You can sit at home and do yoga putting some light music and always be calm mentally. At home you can start with your household chores for weight loss after pregnancy.

With your normal routine work as well, the weight loss does happen and to add do some work outs at home. Post pregnancy means eating food that too sufficiently for the child as well.

The child depends on breastfeed and thus you need to be full with your stomach. You can reduce weight by eating healthy food which has more of nutritional values. Diets are simply a no during breastfeeding as you need to eat for two. 

Remember one thing; walking can burn your extra calories without much of effort and exertion. Post pregnancy you cannot afford to perform stretch exercises so you should go for long walks.

It may be slow but longer duration of walks can help in weight loss after pregnancy. Take your baby along when you go for walks as it will help you to reduce more.

Excessive dieting or over exercise can cause further trouble to your body which is weak and not prepared for extremes.

Just eat healthy food that too in large potions for your body and your baby’s body, exercise for sometime, walk for sometime daily and you are back to your pre pregnancy shape.

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