You Can Go Running For Weight Loss

Among the various methods of weight loss like walking, running, gym, cycling and aerobics, walking and running are the most inexpensive and easy way to exercise. Anyone can take up these exercises by just investing on a pair of walking or running shoes. 

Running for weight loss has helped people since ages. Running helps to burn more calories than most other exercises.

Regular running helps to reduce the risk of many heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes. Also running increases the production of endorphins that promotes good mood and confidence in the person. 

Besides running is a social activity exercise, which can be done with your friends, spouse, kids or even strangers you meet at the park or running track.

The calories burnt by running, depend on your body weight, speed and experience. When you are running for weight loss you will find you lose lesser calories when you jog than when you run. 

When running for weight loss if you are 190 pounds and are able to run for 20 minutes at 10 miles per hour you will lose 279 calories.

When you divide the calories by 3500 you will get the number of pounds you would lose for every 20 minutes; about .05 pounds and 1.5 pounds in a month. 

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It is useless to find excuses for not running for weight loss. Excuses that they are old, have no time or that they will get tired are lame excuses.

But just reminding themselves that it is for their health, which can be promoted by weight loss they can slowly start by walking briskly, then start to jog and then take to running. Also reminding themselves that running helps to boost mood can help to motivate themselves. 

Remind yourself of those school and college days, when you loved running and excelled in it and I am sure you will tie the laces of your running shoes to start running for weight loss. Start gradually and go on to more speed in steps.

Starting to run fast at the very start could lead to a collapse and even death. However working above 70% of your heart rate will help you burn calories but not from fats. These fats could be deposited on your lean muscles.

No one would like those fats deposited on the lean muscles which helps keep up the metabolism of our body. We should aim at burning calories out of fat and not from muscles. 

The last but most important point is to set a goal for weight loss. Having multiple targets like running to take part in a cross-country race and running for weight loss is not advisable.

It is best to first aim at running for weight loss and then gradually increase your speed to take part in a Cross Country Race. 

To conclude, start with walking to lose weight, then start jogging then running. When you start running for weight loss take care that you also increase the speed in steps. By doing this you can be sure that you will continue in your weight loss program instead of being demotivated.

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