The Risk Of Weight Loss After Menopause

Menopause is the time at which the female body makes less female hormones like progesterone and estrogen. It may be around the age of 50 and this time several women stop having periods. Maintaining weight at this time is very difficult. It is very risk to loss weight after the menopause. 

In most of the women, the weight increase is starting during the perimenopause. There are several reasons for the weight gain after menopause. The changes in the hormonal level associated with the menopause may be the main reason. But some other things such as less exercise, increased eating habit, reduction in the burning of calorie are also caused for it

We can not see any magic formula to weight loss after menopause. Some doctors prescribe hormone therapy to weight loss after menopause. The use of the estrogen hormone causes the endometrial cancer. More over the use of estrogen leads to thickening the lining of uterus and abnormal bleeding. But if you are ready to have a hysterectomy you can use the estrogen. 

There are some tips to weight loss after the menopause. At first not blame the estrogen only, and then try to avoid high- calorie alcoholic beverages or alt least reduce their volume and cut your intake at least 50%. The loss of muscle leads increase the body fat because the lost muscle is replaced with an equal amount of fat. So try to build up your muscle. 

Keep the proper diet plans which maintain your metabolism. If any program slow the metabolism of your body that makes very difficult loss the weight after menopause. Try to avoid unnecessary eating habit like having crackers while preparing and having ice creams while watching TV. It is better to eat several less meals through out a day instead of big three normal meals. 

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Exercise is considered as better and effective way for weight loss after menopause. The aerobic exercise help your body to burn more fat and boost your metabolism. Try to find out suitable aerobic exercise that you can enjoy. It may be jogging, walking or dancing. Try different exercises to rebuild your muscles. The muscle reduces the fat and burn the calorie. 

Mental strength is important to weight loss after menopause. Try to understand what is going on inside your body. In this aged stage your caloric needs decreases. This is because the aging procedure slows down your metabolism. The muscles are replaced by mere fat. The muscle burn more calorie than fat. If you loss the muscle that will also slow down your metabolism. 

It is better to fix a realistic goal for the weight loss after menopause. There are several factors to consider with the postmenopausal extra weight. It contributes an increased risk of breast cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke and diabetes. Try to understand the causes for your low metabolism and think about the aftermath of this situation. 

It can be concluded that there is no different in the strategies for weight loss after menopause and other kind of weight loss efforts.

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