The Non-Traditional Pharmacy

Many people figure that they know what a pharmacy is, and there isn't anything new as far as pharmacies go. They get their prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy that they have been going to for years and see very little reason to change. But when you think about it, if you can save time and money, then maybe it's time to think about it, no?

Yes, it may be time for you to think about using a non-traditional pharmacy. After all, just because you've been doing something the same way forever doesn't mean you can't do it better.

Non-traditional pharmacies -- where are they?

A traditional pharmacy is a single store, not necessarily stand alone, that may be independent or part of a regional or national chain of stories. Non-traditional pharmacies can be anywhere. They can also be found online.

Many supermarkets now offer pharmacy services in their stories. Several of the big-box discount retailers also offer pharmacy services for their customers. These pharmacies sometimes have extended service hours beyond the traditional pharmacy. They also offer customers the convenience of multitasking. 

An online pharmacy is another kind of non-traditional pharmacy where the primary draw offers consumers the convenience of shopping at home. 

The nontraditional pharmacy like the first two mentioned above mean that you can drop off your prescription and then do your grocery shopping or other shopping, saving you an additional trip, meaning less gas and less time out of your day. That's time and money you can spend on something else, something more important. 

The online pharmacy offers the convenience of shopping on your time, not tied to any business hours and the convenience of having your purchases delivered directly to your home address. 

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Save money and time with non-traditional pharmacies

In some cases, those big box discount retailers can offer heavily discounted prices on medicine co-pays. Theses stores also offer the ability to accept most insurance plans. They might also offer discounts to new customers who move their regular prescriptions to these pharmacies. 

The time saving that comes into play with these non-traditional pharmacies is rooted in the fact that they are co-located with another business, a practical business where you'll be spending time anyway, like the grocery store or a general merchandise retailer where you can get clothes, light groceries, shoes, magazines, electronics, and more. 

The online pharmacy also offers time- and money-saving qualities. Consumers can save time by shopping at home instead of driving to the store and having to walk around. They can also save money by buying discounted products.

In conclusion

So you see, the non-traditional pharmacy has a lot to offer consumers. While you might not think you know of any non-traditional pharmacy, if you've noticed one at your grocery store or your local big box discount retailer, then you are in luck -- you know of a non-traditional pharmacy. 

With the ability to have longer hours, discounted prices, and enough other items for sale to make the wait for your prescriptions worth it while you do your other shopping, a non-traditional pharmacy is a great resource for busy consumers.

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