Weight Loss Camps for the Young and Old

Weight loss camps work to inculcate choices and lifestyle habits in obese individuals to aid weight reduction. Nutrition, exercise habits and essential knowledge being the forbearers.

Weight loss camps offer programs that last from two weeks to months. The expected results with weight reduction are directly proportional to the time period. Emotional wellbeing and food cravings are tackled with special programs.

Fitness and regular exercise regime is the first prescription to all those enrolled in a weight loss camp. Exercise programs offered are varied and can be customized.

Individual choices and interests play a vital role to accommodate regular exercise as a lifestyle habit. Innovative fun exercise programs are offered to guests to improve their physical stamina and wellness quotient.

Kayaking, cardio tennis and boot camps from certified trainers and fitness experts dot the everyday schedule of weight loss camps. A meticulously designed healthy meal plan is orchestrated for every participant.

The meal plan apart from being nutritious is high on delicate flavors as well. Culinary experts and nutrition specialists hold healthy meal demonstrations.

They empower weight loss camp participants with knowledge on nutrition and healthy meal substitutes. Better food choices and wise substitutions in meals pave way for long-term health benefits.

Basic must-have healthy ingredients, charts and calorie count details are provided. The guidelines of government health institutions are followed in all the weight loss camp activities. 

Short-term weight reduction methods and policies are never adopted. Meals are served in controlled portions throughout the day and thereby provide for appetite control. The diet plan offered relies on low fat, high protein, and high fiber principles. 

Low sodium and low carbohydrate preparations are stringently worked upon. Spiritual practices and mind body connection is induced by self-awareness group discussions in certain weight loss camps.

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The participants speak to a yoga instructor and trainer about their endeavor for a healthy life. Cognitive behavioral therapy and lifestyle stress management programs are also offered.

The methodologies adopted by weight loss camps are clinically valid, are based on scientific research and all participants are documented. Frustration control training and stress management exercises boost the confidence and self esteem of participants.

They are offered as residential programs, boarding activity or even in a wilderness setting in advanced therapy. Regular follow up programs benefit and encourage individuals to stick to healthy lifestyle habits and diet.

Therapeutic and alternate holistic activities like yoga, massage and meditation cater to the adult participants. The customized programs are all-children, adults, only ladies and so on. The needs of every group being different, the services offered are specialized.

Few of these programs are offered in picturesque island locations making it a wonderful summer experience. Friendships blossom and a unique summer vacation that offers longevity is a guarantee. 

Weight loss camps make for a non-surgical alternative to surgeries offered for obesity. Obesity surgeries are not affordable for all and require hospitalization.

The camping experience addresses excessive dieting habits, poor food choices and emotional binge eating.

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