Rapid Weight Loss for All

Rapid weight loss can occur on dieting for a few weeks in all individuals. It is to be followed with regular dieting practices to prevent putting on lost weight again. 

The very low calorie diet is said to induce rapid weight loss in all. The very low calorie diet is a part liquid and part solid diet. Three liquid shakes and two low calorie meals are to be consumed everyday.

According to a leading nutritionist, it’s a health myth to believe that losing weight slowly helps to keep it off later. By sticking to healthy diet habits and a regular exercise regime an individual can avoid putting on the lost weight.

The regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is a must in any rapid weight loss plan. The essentials of calorie count and nutritional value of food is to be held up everyday. Appropriate long-term behavioral changes accommodate rapid weight loss.

Sticking to these conditions makes rapid weight loss possible. A regular physical activity that consumes at least two thousand calories per week is to be followed. The physical activity seen is in varied athletic forms.

Running or brisk walking for about twenty minutes a day is suggested. The exercise program can be started with ten minutes duration and then slowly worked up to twenty minutes. 

Consuming at least five portions of fruits and vegetables is a must. They do metabolize for a lot of healthy calories. A cup of broccoli is said to contain one hundred and fifty calories. 

Incorporation of healthy meal substitutes in any form has strong benefits in the long term. Accountable changes in eating habits provide noticeable changes. 

Portion control by eating smaller meals and consuming carbohydrates with proteins are said to induce rapid weight loss. Drinking water and fluids flush out toxins form the system and improve bowel movements.

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Weight training is known to help burn fat and promote rapid weight loss. Weight training revs up a slow metabolism and burns more calories.

A verified low glycemic index diet is necessary for rapid weight loss. The glycemic index of a food is the rate at which it raises the blood sugar level after consumption.

Fruits like banana and chocolates are high on the glycemic index. Whole grain and diary products are low on the glycemic index. A rich protein diet helps to build muscles and tone the body.

Rapid weight loss can also be achieved by doing an increased assortment of exercises. Multiple sets of different exercises tone up the body faster.

The use of a gastric band is in practice for rapid weight loss. The instrument works to reduce the amount of food consumed. It acts like a pouch tied around the upper part of the stomach.

The FDA has scientifically approved this device. It has many advantages being reversible and non reactive.

The medical device has been produced with a safe material called silastic. The surgery for the placement for the band requires about one hour and doesn’t need further hospitalization.

Rapid weight loss achieved has to be added upon by healthy diet and regular exercise regime for long-term sustainability.

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