Know How Metabolism Weight Loss Works

“Inner details of metabolism weight loss revealed “ 

General ignorance

“Tasty food is fondly loved by everyone!!!” Nothing can stop us from munching on our favorite snacks!! Metabolism weight loss is so easy to perceive and there are simple steps to achieve that. 

While weight is just the outer feel, metabolism weight loss works deep inside the body. 

Reasons for Weight change

Weight directly depends on the amount of calories taken to the amount of total calories burnt. Metabolism weight loss can be achieved through proven scientific methods.

The total energy usage depends on 3 critical factors.

Basic requirements for metabolism weight loss 

Basic metabolic rate is also referred as BMR ant the biggest chunk of energy is utilized by the metabolic rate. Metabolism weight loss is directly proportional to BMR rate.

Digestion of food: 

Normal body metabolic activities like the absorption of food, Digestion, storage of food and digestion will utilize certain amount of calories. This affects at least 10 percent of the calories usage everyday. 

Physical activity: 

Major physical activity like playing any games, walking, swimming, jogging consumes lot amount of calories.

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How weight increases

Increase in weight doesn’t depend directly on the metabolism. Total weight of the body depends on many factors. The amount of calories that we burn during any life process results in the proportionate weight gain of the body. 

Influential role of calorific needs

If all were to look alike, standard energy needs of the body could have been calculated easily. Many factors that influence the calorific needs are size of your body, sex etc.

Body mass index: 

More calories will be burnt or more energy will be required by the body which is bigger in mass for the metabolism. Muscles burn more calories than the fat because the basal metabolic rate will be higher as the muscles develop.

Getting older: 

As we get older our body weight is full of fat in relation to the muscles, thus leading to slower metabolic rate and increase in weight. 


Metabolic activity also depends on sex, male usually have lot amount of muscles in contrast to women, and thereby metabolic activity is in excess. Men end up burning more calories at the end of the day.

Basic metabolic rate

The BMR in men is faster by 10-15% than in the women because male body has greater percentage of lean muscle tissues. BMR can be enhanced through exercises.

Younger people tend to have higher BMR rates due to high functional behavior. Calculation of Basal Metabolic Rate is done by the following formula of the World Health Organization. 

BMR for 

Female = [655.0+ (9.6 x Weight in kg) + (1.7 x Height in cms) – (4.7 x Age)] 

Male = [(13.7 x Weight in kg) + 66 + (5 x Height in cms) – (6.8 x Age)] 

Methods to increase metabolism

· Never skip any meal.
· Eat periodic meals with small intervals. 
· Practice exercises regularly 
· Build your muscles
· Avoid alcohol, sugar, and fasting 
· Take 8-10 glasses of water daily.
· Eat foods with high nutrition 

Lead a healthy life

Following certain schedule brings joy not only externally but internally too. Good body mass index, regular habitude of metabolism weight loss activities helps one to stay fit and be at peace.

Never procrastinate things, start from today and lead a happy, healthy life.

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