Easy To Follow Weight Loss Recipes

I can’t ignore tasty food as a part of reducing my weight!!
Do I have delicious weight loss recipe and still control my weight??

Losing your weight is very easy

“Does your weight deprive you from enjoying a wonderful and tasty recipe??” You don’t have to feel for it anymore! We have a list of tasty and efficient recipes that could serve a dual purpose of reducing your weight and giving you a yummy meal.

It’s now time to throw pills and medicines out of the window so that you can sit back, relax and eat food without compromising your taste and flavor. We are interested to suggest you a delicious weight loss recipe for breakfast, snack and dinner.

“Tasty breakfasts”

“Keeping away from almonds and dry fruits assuming that it would make you fat??” maybe you have a wrong notion!! Here is a recipe with almonds and banana that could be an efficient weight loss recipe.

Weight Loss Recipe - Almond banana Combo recipe

Required ingredients: 

· self raising flour (2 cups)
· milk with low fat (150 ml)
· egg (1 no)
· low fat melted margarine (1/4 cup)
· golden syrup (2 table spoons)
· banana well riped 
· silver almonds (around 100 g)
· cinnamon (1/4 table spoon)

How do I do it? 

You need not be a regular cook to do this recipe. Maybe you can try starting your first cooking with this simple yet delicious weight loss recipe. 

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1. Dry heat the oven to around 160 – 180.
2. Add flour, egg, milk and low fat margarine to a bowl.
3. Smash the bananas and add almonds to the mixture
4. Fill it to the muffin trays and keep the tray 3/4th filled up. 
5. Heat it for 12 – 15 min until it becomes slightly golden brown.
6. The breakfast is ready to serve
“A savory snack”

Weight Loss Recipe - Oil free dressed salad

Required ingredients:

· Herb – well dried - ¼ tea spoon(oregano, tarragon, basil, thyme) 
· sweetener – equivalent to 2 spoons of sugar
· ground mustard (2 tea spoons)
· Salt and pepper (1 tea spoon each)
· water (1/4th of a cup)
· well minced garlic glove – 1 no
· Fresh vegetables (tomatoes, green vegetables, cucumber, carrot)

How do I do it?

1. Add herb, mustard to water
2. Sweetener and garlic clove should be added.
3. Mix it with the vegetables with salt and pepper
4. Enjoy the snack!!

“Delicious dinner”

Weight Loss Recipe - Tasty chicken risotto

Required ingredients:

Finely sliced large onion (1 no)
· Arborio rice (2 cups)
· Olive oil (2 table spoons)
· Chicken pieces well minced (6 nos)
· Halved Button mushrooms (200 gms) 
· Well dried tomatoes (200 gms)

How do I do it?

1. Take a saucepan and heat it between mid – high range
2. Add oil and fry onion for 2 minutes
3. Add rice and fry it with deep stir for a minute
4. Add sliced chicken pieces and mix it well
5. Add mushroom after water gets absorbed and add tomatoes to it
6. Serve it hot and fresh

“Eat delicious, feel joyous”

Simply follow our Weight Loss Recipes that would never ask you to compromise on taste and flavor so that you are well satisfied both physically and mentally.

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