Simple Weight Loss Exercises For Busy People

Asking someone to go for weight loss program is easy, but following it is a difficult job. It requires time from your busy schedule, patience and dedication.

Following is a list of weight loss exercises one can do to lose weight:

House work:

Weight loss can be attained by doing daily household works like dusting, rearranging things and also washing clothes. This type of work helps speeding metabolism, and thus, burns 2-3 calories of fat in a minute.


This is the best weight loss exercise. It can be done as an indoor exercise on a treadmill, or as an outdoor exercise like going to a park or walking down the road. Walking is an exercise people can do anytime they like, i.e. they can go for a morning, evening or even night walks.

It helps to reduce fat in body, and fat burning depends on the effort one puts in the exercises. About 45 minutes of fast walking helps to burn 400 calories of fat.


This is also a popular exercise. There are many places where one can join aerobics sessions and learn it in 15 days to successfully practice it at home. Calories lost during aerobics are little less than that in walking, but oxygen supply to organs and muscles is increased and it also helps to remove waste products from body.

Running (light jogging):

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This exercise has the best calorie burning rate, i.e. 10 calories in one minute. One can visit a park or a beach to perform such an exercise. This is usually done at a speed of 7-10 kilometers per hour. Running for about 15 minutes burns 150 calories, but also causes muscle fatigue, if done for long periods and can result in muscle pain and cramping. Therefore, it should be started initially for short period and then increased day by day, so that body adapts to this type of exercise.


Obese and overweight people face difficulties during running or playing other sports. Initially they should start with walking then jogging, and increase their stamina and later, they can join a sport on daily basis. This is a good weight loss exercise one can practice.

Sports such as lawn tennis, badminton, swimming, squash, football, basketball etc are beneficial.

This sport not only helps to utilize fat in the body, but also helps to maintain muscle tone, hormone levels and mental health.

Abdomen Exercises:

To burn belly fat, one has to do abdomen exercises. This can be done in form of:

  • Leg raising exercise
  • Ab crunches
  • Oblique crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Sit ups
  • Reverse crunches
  • Swiss ball crunches
  • Hanging leg raise exercise

There are many more exercises, which can be learnt at a gym and be well assisted by the personal trainers. It’s more beneficial that people keep personal trainers, as they are experienced and they can help them to perform better weight loss exercises. You must plan a diet that helps to cut extra calories in diet and help in losing weight.

Cardio exercises are the most important weight loss exercises. Without cardio one cannot lose weight, and Weight loss is a necessity for overweight and obese people, because it may give rise to many problems in old age.

It’s better to lose weight now, than to regret for it in future.

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